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Organization background, goals, mission and vision.

Organization Background

The Tanzania Network Against Alcohol (TAAnet) – formally known as Tanzania Alcohol Abuse Prevention Network (TAPnet) was started in 2009, following the first East African Conference on Alcohol (EACA 1) . The network was formerly registered in 2011 as a legal on Registration Number No. 00NGO/00005109. TAAnet has about 25 members, of different sizes and sophistication, and five are partners of IOGT-NTO Movement, which supports the alcohol use harm reduction program in East Africa, including Tanzania.

The network was started and still being supported technically and financially by IOGT-NTO Movement but it has fallen short of the anticipated performance level essential due underperformance, resulting from internal friction and lack of consensus which has seriously reduced its functional performance. For this reason, the supporting partner, IOGT-NTO Movement Regional Representative found it necessary to withhold support during 2015, to give room for the network to reform and set its house in order so as to redirect itself to perform functions leading to the original goal and objectives of being leading national network in alcohol policy advocacy In Tanzania. To attain this aim, TAAnet consulted its members which elected a Caretaker committee to investigate the network problems and recommend how it can come back to its original vision, mission and objectives. TAAnet officially resumed its function on late 2016


We envision a vibrant society of people living a healthy life, peacefully, and with a better quality of life through education, socio-economic development and respecting human rights.


TAAnet’s mission is to promote peace, health and socio-economic development in families and communities by empowering people to overcome challenges facing them caused by alcohol abuse such as non-communicable disease, poverty/unemployment, gender violence, child neglect, physical and mental handicaps.

We accomplish these goals through community education, counseling, psychosocial support, capacity building and teamwork promoting sustainable changes.

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